Quality by Design working document:

Elements of a high quality early learning and child care system. [pdf, 8pp, 241KB]

Planning and policy development

A strategy for implementation that includes...

· System wide planning with targets and timetables

· Use of the best available knowledge regarding policy and practice

· Critical mass of knowledgeable policy makers

· Mandated involvement of experts and stakeholders in policy processes at all levels

· Local service planning

System-wide planning at the provincial/territorial level is critical for successful implementation of the conceptual framework. For system planning to be effective, it must be carried out by knowledgeable policy makers who have adequate resources to dedicate to good policy development. The involvement of ELCC experts and other stakeholders such as parents, early childhood educators and unions will both strengthen the planning and policy process and provide a broad range of support for ELCC; as the OECD proposed, it should be “given a legal and obligatory status. ”

A strategic plan should:

· articulate goals;
· establish targets and timelines for achieving each target;
· identify strategies for reaching targets;
· provide benchmarks and reference points for determining progress toward meeting goals;
· define roles and responsibilities;
· and identify budget allocations and how they will be obtained

Regular monitoring and review of progress is critical and should be done on a regular schedule with mechanisms for modifying goals and strategies as indicated.


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